Nylon 6, fossil fuel based



Data are from the Eco-profiles of the European plastics industry (PlasticsEurope) and extrapolated to represent a global average production scenario. Nylon 6 is a polymer derived from petroleum and is widely used in the textiles industry. Technology represents production by different ways out of caprolactam.


Impact area MSI Score
Global Warming 10.4
Eutrophication 7.3
Water Scarcity 1.3
Abiotic Resource Depletion, Fossil Fuels 9.9
Scored per material rather than production stage. Click on "Return to Material", and learn about Chemistry scoring under "Chemistry Certifications".

Modeling Notes

Nylon 6 {GLO}| market for | Alloc Def, S. Includes 10% loss of raw material to account for yield losses. Also includes 1000km inbound shipping distance to account for shipment of raw materials.

Meta information

  • Primary Source: ecoinvent 3.3
  • Last Publication or Review date: 2011
  • Geography: Global/generic
  • Data Generator: Cashion East, Pivot Analytics; east@pointpivot.com

Applicable Materials

Material Impact
benchmarkimpactblend components
Nylon/Polyamide (PA) plastic

Data quality

Data Quality Value Description
Precision Fair 20% to 30% 3
Time Representativeness Good Data are not older than 6 years with respect to the release date or latest review date 2
Geographical Representativeness Good The processes included in the dataset are well representative for the geography stated in the title and metadata 2
Technological Representativeness Good The technologies modeled are included in the mix of technologies covered by the dataset 2
Average 2.25